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Short Breathing Space for Relaxation

If you are feeling stressed and caught-up in your thoughts, it is good to take a time out. Make it a regular part of your day and see its benefits.

Depending on your situation, in a sitting or lying position, close your eyes. Gently notice your breathing – notice the in-breath, and the out-breath, the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Continue to breathe as calmy and naturally as possible. Try not to force the breath, just allow it to be as it is for now.

Whatever thoughts come into your mind, just notice them as mental events, things, and just let them go, not hold onto them. You can visualise them as clouds floating by in the sky, or as floating away into the distance on leaves a stream, where you have placed them.

Notice the feeling of your body, your back against the chair or the surface on which you are lying, your feet, your legs, your hands, arms, your neck, and your head. What feelings are there? If you notice any unpleasant sensations or feelings in your body, try not to push them away, just notice them, maybe saying, “there you are,” or “that’s the way it is right now,” or “that’s ok.” This brings you into awareness of what is going on right now, taking you out of automatic pilot.

Continue to breathe calmly and naturally.

Having become more aware of your breathing and what is going on there, it’s time to expand your awareness of the body as a whole. As well as your awareness of the breath, imagine the whole body breathing, being grateful for the body and breath. Continue this for as long as is comfortable for you. When ready, allow yourself to gently awake and come back into present moment.