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The Importance of Gratitude

Hello everybody,

Just a few thought on being grateful for the little things.

We have had a difficult year. The challenges of Covid 19 have been stressful – home-schooling, short-time working, home-office, or perhaps even redundancy, as many companies have struggled. In the midst of all these challenges, it’s important to try to be grateful for what we have. Being thankful makes space in your heart for the good things in life and is a natural stress-buster.

We can start being grateful for just the little things, as these so often can make a difference to our day – a smile from one of your children, a friend or loved one, or a beautiful sunset. Also, the ability to breathe, especially when you are stressed. Breathing and heartbeat are entirely unconscious and automatic processes which we tend to forget, yet without them, we would survive only a few minutes. That is indeed something to be grateful for.

You can also make a list of positive things about yourself, or if you find this difficult, ask your partner or trusted friend to help you. Statements such as: “I am good at…/ I am a good…/I have…”, whatever it may be, e.g. I am good at mathematics/I am good at listening/ I have great friends…

Look at your list every day, repeating the affirmations to yourself (in the mirror works good too), and let them sink in.

You are such a worthwhile person!

Best wishes,